What we do

Letting Fruit Take the Spotlight

Each fruit is handpicked fresh, washed, cleaned, sliced/cut and dried using our advance drying technology to
remove up to 96% of the fruit’s moisture. After drying our products are inspected, packed and ready to go.
That’s the only ingredient in each of our airtight, moisture-proof Fruit Munch pouch!

Our Processes

Way to Enjoy Fruit Munch

Add It

to high-fiber cereal for extra sweetness

Mix It

with nuts and seeds for a custom crunchy trail mix

Top It

on your favourite smoothie or frozen yogurt bowl

Blend It

into plain or low-fat yogurt for a fun flavour boost

Stir It

into muffin or cookie batter for extra satisfaction

Why Fruit Munch Fruits?

Our Products are not sun dried which ensure nutrients are intact. Our products are also not freeze dried which ensure fruits just don’t look like fruits but also taste and feel fresh fruits.

  • All natural
  • Our dried apples retain their natural flavours texture with fresh apple taste
  • Natural fruit fibre and nutrients
  • Contains NO preservatives, no added sugar, no colour, no essence
  • Naturally gluten-free & dairy-free
  • A vegetarian product
  • Ingredient 100% Fruit