Smart Travellers Guide

Summer holidays are near and we all are planning a vacation, right? A smart way to travel is not just prepare and antennary for your travel but also have a checklist of items you might need for your travel. Keep checking and updating your list so that you don’t miss out on anything important.


Start by making a check list of essentials it should include the things you would need to buy and things you need to pack for sure e.g your tickets, charger, medicine baby food (may be), etc. If its monsoon or winter season to the destination you are travelling don’t forget the required gear. Be smart travel light.

It’s Me:

No matter where you are travelling or how are you travelling always carry your id with you. Keep a scanned copy on your phone as a backup.


Plan your outfits. Pairing up your dresses and packing accordingly, makes you pack light.
Pro tip: carry basic pieces like white tees and black pants and easily style them in a number of ways.


Waiting for your connecting flight, delayed train or in stuck in middle of traffic on your way to the hotel munch on something which is quick, fun, nutritious and delicious. Yes, munch on FRUIT MUNCH. Always carry packets of FRUIT MUNCH dried fruits pineapples, strawberries, mango, Apple, Chikoo and Black Jamun options and never stay hungry.

• Toiletries

These could take up a lot of space, though most hotels provide us with basic toiletries, if you have a sensitive skin or particular about the products you use always carry your own by using travel packs or transferring them into travel size bottles, remember we should travel light.

Fun, Explore, Learn.

Travel opens the door to meet new people, explore new cultures, cuisines, traditions, lifestyles and more. So, Keep travelling and keep learning.


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