Our Story

Our Beliefs & Vision

  • Fruit Munch’s ambition is to make snacking a raw, un-synthetic, experience of nature’s bounty.
  • In our endeavor to be one with nature, we strive to act as good earth citizens whilst engaging with all our stakeholders right from the farm community to distribution partners.
  • Farm Slice aims to becomes #1 natural snack brand in the World. We continue to stick to our roots, only using the highest quality fruits & Vegetables in their purest form.

Keeping it Pure

  • Fruit Munch is the closest you can get to fruit off a tree; raw, unadulterated, minimally processed fruit snacks that retain their natural flavour, aroma, and most importantly, nutrient content.
  • 100% natural, not fried, not “oil-extracted”, not sweetened, only all natural produce, that leaves you satisfied yet wanting more.

Honest Goodness

Pure: Fruit Munch – munch only fruit, the way you should!

Natural : No added sugar, no artificial sweetener or flavours, no preservatives, JUST FRUIT!

Real: Dehydrated at state of the art facilities after procurement from the best farms across India, we are transparent about the little processing our product goes through.

Happy and Healthy: Fruit Munch’s range of fruit snacks are not only delicious but also healthy, and can be used in a variety of cooking styles in addition to convenient snacking.