Dried Black Jamun Jar


Fruit Munch Jamun

This ‘Fruit of Gods’ is seasonal, but your wish to eat it doesn’t have to be. We can’t promise you the purple patches on your tongue after eating fresh jamun, but Fruit Munch dried jamun brings you the same taste and all the health benefits of fresh jamun.
We prefer our Black Jamun nutritious. No sugars, no preservatives, nothing. All we do is gently dry the fruit so it’s easier to munch on the move.


Nutrition Value (100 grams)
*Based on 2000 calorie diet
  • Protein2.2g
  • Carbohydrate87.5g
  • Energy 366Kcal
  • Natural Sugar48.02g
  • Fat0.8g
  • Iron44.44mg
Fruit Munch Dried Black (plums) contain a significant amount of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, B-family vitamins, and dietary fiber, as well as potassium, vitamin A and small amounts of protein. There is a moderate amount of calories, roughly 75 per cup, but there is a minimal amount of fat and no cholesterol to speak of.
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Dried Black Jamun can have a sweet and sour flavour and is known to be quite astringent, this taste can vary depending on origin and when you pick the fruit. While it has been a part of cultural, religious, and culinary traditions in certain parts of the world for centuries, it is only recently becoming popular in the rest of the world.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact 1
They may have been one of the first fruits domesticated by humans.

Fun Fact 2
The average lifespan for cultivated Black Jamun trees is 10 to 15 years.

Fun Fact 3
The commercially important Black Jamun trees are medium-sized, usually pruned to 5–6 meters (16-20 feet) height. Without pruning, the trees can reach 12 meters (39 feet) in height and spread across 10 meters (33 feet).

Additional information


1. Improves haemoglobin count
Loaded with vitamin C and iron, dried black jamun increases haemoglobin. With the increased haemoglobin, your blood will carry more oxygen to your organs and keep you healthy. The iron present in the fruit also purifies your blood.

2. (Dried) Black Jamun has astringent property
Dried Black Jamun has astringent property, which keeps your skin acne free. You should consume dried black jamun if you have oily skin as it will help you keep your skin fresh and clear.

3. Improves health of skin and eyes
The iron rich fruit acts as a blood purifying agent, and promotes eye and skin health. The fruit is also rich in several minerals and vitamin C and A.

4. Keeps your heart healthy
Loaded with potassium, (dried) black jamun is extremely beneficial for your heart. Around 55 mg of potassium is present per 100 grams of jamun. The fruit is beneficial in keeping diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke at bay, in addition to keeping your arteries healthy.

5. Strengthens your gums and teeth
(dried) Black Jamun is beneficial for your gums and teeth.

6. Prevents infection
dried Black Jamun has antibacterial, anti-infective and anti-malaria properties. The fruit also contains malic acid, tannins, gallic acid, oxalic acid and betulic acid. The fruit is effective preventing common infections.

7. Treats diabetes
(dried) Black Jamun can cure the symptoms of diabetes including excess urination and thirst. It has a low glycemic index, which keeps blood sugar levels normal. Seeds, bark and leaves of the tree can be used for the treatment of diabetes. These health benefits make the fruit more special. Fruit Munch lets you enjoy all these benefits round the year.